Be Part of the Solution

Running very close to election day, numerous elements are now ready to pounce on the voting public, using fear and misinformation to fool them. With the testing runs of the PCOS machines experiencing problems, many people will use it to discredit the automated elections and try their best to persuade the COMELEC to go back to the manual process. 

Those who get scared easily will of course believe right on. Whenever I encounter people who complain about the state of the COMELEC's preparedness (or unpreparedness, for that matter), I just try to calm them down and tell them that everything possible is being done to remedy the problems. I also remind them to remain steadfast and faithful that the automated elections will work. And if all else fails? Get down on your knees and PRAY! It is entirely up to God's hands now.

Just today, I read a very interesting piece featured on GMA-7 which showed the selfless side of Sen. Dick Gordon.

At first glance, it shocked me but when I had time to digest things, I realized I really made the right choice - here's a man willing to sacrifice everything just to make sure our elections will run smoothly and free of fraud. Can the other candidates do the same?

(Photo courtesy of Dick Gordon's Facebook Page and

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