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Be a Red Cross Volunteer!

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

One key to Philippine National Red Cross’ (PNRC) efficiency is its rich volunteer resources made up of two distinct groups - the administrative volunteers, i.e. Board of Governors and Board of Directors and the direct service volunteers.

At the national level, the Board of Governors is the governing or policymaking body. In the chapters, the Board of Directors is the counterpart of the Board of Governors. These volunteer leaders are either elected or selected during assemblies.

Service volunteers provide necessary manpower to ensure that the humanitarian work of Red Cross is achieved effectively reaching the most vulnerable in times of emergencies and disasters.

Sign Up and Volunteer Now!

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Dick Gordon’s Post Election Statement


I would like to congratulate Sen. Aquino for his spectacular victory. I call upon this nation to unite and support him.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me especially my volunteers and those who gave up their limited resources as a manifestation of trust in my brand of leadership and track record.

I ran a very truthful, straightforward and candid campaign and thought we could run on the basis of our platform, track record and volunteerism.

I would like to congratulate all the winners and pray that they serve our country well.

We accept the will of the people.

Today, we have a victory for democracy with the successful exercise of our first nationwide automated election despite naysayers and doubters.

The fight for this country goes beyond this day. Let us forge on in building a Bagumbayan for our people.

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Making our Voices Heard - Bagong Bayan, Bagong Kamalayan! Modern Day Volunteers

Yesterday, the 3rd installment of a 3-day motorcade in Cavite has been rolled out. I have never been so involved in Politics my entire life until this year. I am not a fan of politics because I am not impressed, I am not a believer and I don't want to be fooled over again. My old definition of a wasted vote is a vote that I've casted yet counted for another candidate because of cheating.

This year, shortly before the elections, DICK GORDON, came across as a different leader to me. Then the story goes. I had a renewed thinking process. This time, I see a leader that I believe in, whom I can count on even if he doesn't know me personally and this time, it is backed with personal experience of how Olongapo was. Thanks to Dick Gordon, my vote will not be wasted - win or lose, because within me I am already a winner. As Spencer Johnson, M.D. said in his book, Who Moved My Cheese,

"The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese The Sooner You Find New Cheese. When You Change What You Believe, You Change What You Do!"

I am for change and so are the volunteers whom my husband and I met in the Cavite Motorcade yesterday.

Thanks to Dick Gordon, we found the value of volunteerism and thank you guys for making us feel so welcomed in the group even if we're new to this. I know and believe that we stand by the same principles and together we've made are voices heard. Our actions showed that we will not be taken away by traditional campaigns even if we don't have a lot of TV ads. Together, we still have conquered a lot. The more perspiration, the more rewarding the experience has been. We don't need to shout from the top of our voice to show that we are doing this from the heart. I am sure that the people who saw us, knew the modern definition of being a volunteer. From there alone, they should have seen why we campaign for Dick Gordon. A true leader wouldn't need money to mobilize people. If you inspire and motivate people, they will come to you voluntarily and give you their best. My husband and I came because we want to give the Philippines another shot for change. Our fellow volunteers are investing their time and effort because together we can make this change happen. We were amazed with how creative they were during the entire campaign. Not only that, I am most impressed by the WILL to simply make it happen, the WILL to make a STAND, the WILL to do some sacrifices.

You know what? Collectively, this WILL can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Dare to be different. Dare to stand for your true freedom. Dare to be a visionary. Dare to live in a better Philippines.

To my fellow volunteers yesterday, hats off to all of you. I have high respect for people like you. My husband and I would love to this over again with you guys.
Bong Antonio
Elgelaine Calva
Lelaine Calva
Leticia Calva
Lheo Dayumat
Gian Karl Fonte
Berns Galang
Janelle Ria Manalo
John Michael Manalo
Jorvy Mendoza
Jeruz Nuguid
Girlie Sapinoso
Raymond Sarinas
Doc Allan and Wife

And special thanks to my husband, Floyd for supporting me all the way. The same goes to my cousins and neighbors who have continued distributing the other campaign materials so that nothing is wasted and every single effort counts (Uchie, Maxene, Rara and friends) as well as to all other volunteers whose names I wasn't able to get and mention in case there are any. Godbless us all!

Mabuhay si Dick Gordon! Mabuhay lahat ng Volunteers!

For the rest of the photos, you may also visit Leyo Dayumat's face book photo album - MgaBoluntaryo:!/album.php?aid=420397&id=610485009.

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The Red Fruit

Sharing a quote from a Gordon supporter at PinoyExchange forums. So True.

"A YELLOW mango may seem ripe outside, but may still be sour inside. A mango in ORANGE color may be sweet, but beware for it may be rotten! A GREEN mango of course is unripe as of now. A RED fruit comes from... a different tree. It is simply different, it's beyond compare!"

- Originally Posted by karirwoman on PEX

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Think About It.


If you crashed and was stranded on an island, who would you like to be with?
a LAWYER? a PADJAK DRIVER? or an ENGINEER? Think About It.

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Gordon Knights Singapore

Announcement: GordonKnights Singapore. Huling-Hirit sa Tag-Init!
Autobots roll out FRI 6-9pm at Lucky Plaza and SAT 1-5pm LP-Embassy.

Ito po ang mga volunteers para sa Bagumbayan na nagmalasakit i-campaign si Senator Gordon here in Singapore for the last 2 months. Ikinakampanya mula sa sariling bulsa. Mga OFWs na handang umuwi at tumulong sa nation building once na mahalal na pangulo si Dick Gordon.

“May magvovolunteer ba kung walang hiya ako”- Gordon

We’re a group of volunteers here in Singapore. It all started from 3 volunteers who happened to met each other at Dick Gordons fan page. Engr. Wilson(Singaporean citizen na sya pero nagmamalasakit pa), Jonathan(financial analyst Prudential) and me(optometrist). As time goes by… dumami kami… dumating si Rein(IT), Jimmy(UPLB isko), DINO(IT), Engr. Ramil(ang isa sa pinakamasigasig), Prinzes(Citibank), Rhea(IT), Engr.Greg(Shipyard), at si Ate Raquel(DH na magiting na minsan lang namin na kampanya e sumama na)

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Iloilo for Gordon!

When: Saturday 3-5 PM
Where: We'll assemble in Atrium Mall.

We're planning to have at least thirty with us. Now we have only ten. Don't forget to be in RED. If you want to have more details, please text Gourvy at 09129576593. Thanks.

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Yes to Effective Leadership, Yes to Dick Gordon!

We only have 4 more days 'til Election Day. Have you made up your mind? There's no complicated formula - you only have to ask yourself. What do I expect my country to be in 6 years? What kind of future do I want to give my children and my parents when they become older? What kind of history do I want to be written this time?

If you'll ask me, it's clear to me what I really want. I want Gordon to be the next President. Why? Because I believe in change. I believe in Effective Leadership and I believe it's high time for every Filipino to embrace that change and start climbing that ladder to the top.

In my mind, back when I was still young, Gordon already had his history written and now that I'm an adult who has a greater understanding of things, I would want that history to continue because I know that the story haven't reached it's climax yet. There's more that he could offer if we give him a chance.

" yung anak mo papasok sa public school na
magaling ang teacher. the farmer will be protected. there will be no
brownouts. yung doctor mo magaling. pag nagkaproblema hahabulin ko yan
dahil maganda ang bayad ko dyan. the military will be proud. I will give
people options, choices. That's a preview of what I will do when I am
president." - Dick Gordon

That's what I want. That's my PRESIDENT!

With one goal, for the best Philippines, for the best future, let us all be for DICK GORDON.

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Be a Volunteer Poll Watcher

Gwardyahan at Bantayan ang balota! Be a Volunteer Poll Watcher. If interested please send your name, age, contact numbers and location (barangay/city) to the following numbers:

GLOBE: 09279618414, 09063197417, 09159006698, 09159006701
SMART: 09994556512, 09994563940, 09994563159, 09994558438

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Be Part of the Solution

Running very close to election day, numerous elements are now ready to pounce on the voting public, using fear and misinformation to fool them. With the testing runs of the PCOS machines experiencing problems, many people will use it to discredit the automated elections and try their best to persuade the COMELEC to go back to the manual process. 

Those who get scared easily will of course believe right on. Whenever I encounter people who complain about the state of the COMELEC's preparedness (or unpreparedness, for that matter), I just try to calm them down and tell them that everything possible is being done to remedy the problems. I also remind them to remain steadfast and faithful that the automated elections will work. And if all else fails? Get down on your knees and PRAY! It is entirely up to God's hands now.

Just today, I read a very interesting piece featured on GMA-7 which showed the selfless side of Sen. Dick Gordon.

At first glance, it shocked me but when I had time to digest things, I realized I really made the right choice - here's a man willing to sacrifice everything just to make sure our elections will run smoothly and free of fraud. Can the other candidates do the same?

(Photo courtesy of Dick Gordon's Facebook Page and

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“Si Gordon pala ang kailangan ng Pilipinas”

anabellec25, a blogger, has something to say about her former and present candidate of choice. Excerpts below:


i had a conversation with my dad. maka-Gordon din sya. tinanong ko sya kung bakit… at eto yung lagi ko naalala.

“kapag may nangyayari, kapag may baha, o kaya may barko lumubog, basta madami pangayayri ng sakuna, andoon si Gordon. Nasanay na nga ako na lagi sya nasa TV pag may nangyayari”

She also shares her view on the difference of Gordon to another candidate, her first choice. She compared both candidate’s online galleries and realized that Gordon has indeed more experience and track record.

i have to claim, hindi sya trash talk, totoo sinabi nya.
hindi paninira. kasi totoo.
hindi gawa-gawa kasi natatwa tayo dahil totoo

minulat nya ako.
minulat nya ako hindi sya war freak, gusto nya magkaroon ng disiplina sa bawat Pilipino tulad ng ginawa nya sa bayan nya at higit sa lahat GUSTO NYA TAYO MAGISING SA KATOTOHANAN.

Read the full post here:

Photo credit:

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Manila to Olongapo Motorcade

TENTATIVE Schedule: May 8, Saturday

  • 12:01PM Assemble at UP Diliman Palma Hall Parking lot
  • 1:00PM Roll out for short loop in Metro Manila
  • 3:00PM Enter NLEX, drive to San Fernando Exit, take national roads to Olongapo
  • 6:00PM Arrive Olongapo
  • 7:00PM Miting de Avance

FOR VOLUNTEERS PLANNING TO JOIN MOTORCADE UP TO OLONGAPO AND STAYING OVERNIGHT: Txt Alfred 0916-6970633 Name, Car Plate Number, and Number of Passengers. This will be for head count for sardine accommodations in several rented homes. Bring sleeping bags and snacks to share. IF YOU'RE NOT BRINGING A CAR: Txt Alfred your Name and Number of People coming with you.

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Dasmarinas Cavite Volunteers!

ATTENTION TO ALL INTERESTED CAVITEÑO VOLUNTEERS! Lets invade Dasma! Come and be a volunteer! :) Please wear red and feel free to bring your family and friends :) I hope to see you soon!

When: May 6, Thursday at 3:00 PM
Where: 7-11 Dasma near Municipal Hall
Contact: Karla - 09157249288

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“Philippine Elections 2010” by Maui Manalo

Maui, a licensed registered nurse and freelance makeup artist, has something to say about the 2010 Elections and her tandem of choice on her blog. Some excepts below:

Why am I pro GORDON- BAYANI?

I am voting for Gordon and Bayani because I want leaders who have results to show for. They both have done outstanding jobs in improving Subic and Marikina and I can just imagine what they can do to improve our country. They are both no nonsense politicians who are not afraid of losing votes because they actually do what needs to be done and says what needs to be said. IMO, what Sen. Gordon said is true "you dont need a (president) na mabait, you need a leader..a leader with integrity". I dont want to base my votes on who looks mabait or isnt corrupt, because they all claim to be that. How would I know if they actually are, so I looked at their platforms and records and true enough, Gordon-Bayani is the only vote I can easily defend.

Read the full post here:

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No Voice is Too Faint

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”- Henry Ford

I believe that no voice is too faint if we put our voices together. In whatever you do, if you put your heart in it, fulfillment is the greatest reward that you'd ever receive.

I admire and salute the people whom in their own ways - big or small, did something to defend the vote that meant progress for the entire nation. I am proud of every Filipino who's not afraid to take a stand and make their voices be heard regardless of what the survey says. I am blessed to have team mates who share the same vision and who wouldn't just throw away their principle to give in to pressure. I am glad that there are still people who wouldn't stop believing. After all, it's what you believe in and what you do about it that matters. In the end, win or lose it's not going to be our loss because we knew we just stood up for what we believed in. If you believe that you will be heard then you will be heard. If you believe that your voice is too faint, then you succumb to the pressure from the society that believes in popularity voting.

The easy and conventional, may not necessarily mean that it's the best choice.


All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy. - Scott Alexander


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Hindi sino, kundi kanino ang iboboto mo?

This was taken from the notes of Bob Ong on Facebook.


Meron kang dalawang uri ng boto: Ang una ay ang "boto ng konsensya". Ito ay para sa pinunong kinilatis mo, pinag-aralang maigi, pinaniniwalaan, at inaasahang may magagawa para sa bayan. Ang ikalawang uri ay ang "boto ng diskarte". Ito ay para sa kandidatong iboboto mo na lang para hindi manalo ang ayaw mo.

Para sa akin, mas matatanggap kong pamunuan ni Kiko Matsing ang bansa ko nang nagampanan ko nang tama ang tungkulin ko sa bayan bilang botante, kumpara sa makapagluklok ako ng ibang pinuno na resulta ng pagtalikod ko sa obligasyong bumoto nang tama. Dahil sa sandaling talikuran ko ang tama--sa ngalan ng diskarte--ay binibigyan ko na rin ng lisensya ang mga pinuno ng bayan ko na kumilos base sa diskarte, kapalit ng tama.

Ang boto ng konsensya ay base sa pag-asa. Ang boto ng diskarte ay base sa takot.

Ang bayan ng mga botante ng diskarte ay walang maaasahang pamunuan ng konsensya. Ang mga mamamayang kuntento na sa "pangalawang tama" ay mapagkakalooban ng pinunong ganoon din ang pamamalakad. Ang bansang hindi natututo, habambuhay na lang bibigyan ng leksyon.

Ini-endorso ko ang pagboto nang tama. Pwedeng matalo ang kandidato mo, pwedeng mangulelat. Pero mararamdaman mo lang ang kalayaan mo bilang tao at kapangyarihan mo bilang mamamayan sa Ika-sampu ng Mayo pagnasabi mo sa sarili mong "Napagkalooban ako ng karapatang pumili ng pinuno ng bayan ko, at nakaboto ako base sa sarili kong desisyon at ayon sa konsensya ko."

Kalapastanganan sa sariling dangal ang pagboto sa taong iba sa tunay mong pinaniniwalaan--dahil man ito sa may tumutok ng baril sa ulo mo, may bumili ng iyong boto, o mag-isa pong piniling iboto na lang kung sinuman ang tingin mong mananalo.

Hindi nasasayang ang boto sa mga talunang kandidato. Nasasayang ito sa mga talunang botante.

Kung iboboto mo ang boto na ayon sa desisyon ng iba, sino pa ang boboto ng ayon sa desisyon mo?

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No to Mediocrity

"Highly developed spirits often encounter resistance from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein

People would ask me why my vote goes to Gordon and my answer is simple - I simply couldn't settle for anything less. I have looked at their biographies, experiences, track record and watched them in their guestings and interviews. To me, only one person stood out. While all the rest were so busy with their black propagandas, Dick was focused on his platforms. He's a man who didn't necessarily have the money and the popularity yet there's substance in what he's saying. When I was still little my Dad would often bring me to Olongapo City during summer vacations and as young as I am back then I have learned to appreciate discipline. I would often see something that says: "Aim High Olongapo City and Bawal ang Tamad Dito." Policemen were courteous to street vendors. Out of respect they follow their orders and would clear the sidewalks. Inside the market, there's no littering. I remember having thrown a small piece of trash in the floor and one of the "tinderas" picked it up politely and informed me that littering is not allowed. It was also easy for us to find our way from one place to the other because the jeepneys were color coded. There's just so much that inspired me even as a kid. When I grew up, I've seen Subic, WOW Philippines and how he has helped out in Red Cross. So those were my reasons why...

My principle isn't too complex as well, I believe that surveys couldn't dictate principled people who to vote for. We do not need to limit ourselves to choose from just two only because people instill in our minds that in the end there will only be two who would closely be vying for the Presidential post and that those people would be the top two candidates in the surveys. If everyone would think this way, I'm not sure where it would lead us in the end. Why can't we do what we need to? Why can't we choose? It's not true that we do not have a choice. We all have a choice. If you opt not to make a choice, then you make yourself contented to whatever was presented in front of you. Would that be sufficient? Anything less than the best is mediocre. Those who are open to change are ready to get this country to the next level.

Let's not settle for anything less than the best... Mediocrity isn't supposed to be our destiny. Do not be swayed, do not let anybody take that right from you. It's time to make the best choice, the choice that you truly believe can make a difference. It's time to take a stand...

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Bawal ang TAMAD, Bawal ang TANGA

Kapag binasa mo ang titulo nito, maaaring masindak ka, mainis siguro. Aakalain na isang insulto, di po ba? Ang mahirap kasi sa ating mga Pinoy, "allergic" tayo sa salitang BAWAL. Ang gusto natin ay lubos lubos ligaya na walang kahig mula sa atin.

Ito marahil ang dahilan kung bakit hanggang ngayon ay marami pa ring mga tao ang nagdadalawang isip piliin ang tambalang GORDON-BAYANI. Takot silang mapalo sa puwet ni BF kapag hindi nila ginagawa nang tama ang kanilang mga tungkulin o kung lalabag sila sa batas. Hindi rin nila siguro matanggap na kapag si DICK GORDON ang pangulo, sisiguruhin niyang magtatrabaho ang lahat at mag-aaral ang bawat kabataan, kaya tapos na ang maliligayang araw ng mga mahihilig tumoma mula umaga hanggang gabi at mga batang walang inatupag kundi mag-bilyar o mag-"counterstrike" buong araw.

Hindi ba kapansin-pansin na karamihan ng mga Pilipino ay ganito - imahe ni Juan Tamad(kung bakit siya ang napiling karakter na kumakatawan sa Pinoy ay di ko maintindihan at matanggap), naghihintay na lang na pumatak ang grasya sa harapan niya.  Kaya nga ba marami ang nalilinlang ng ibang mga kandidato, kasi yan ang nais nila - na bumuntot ang mga tao sa kanila dahil hawak nila ang kinabukasan ng mga ito. MALING-MALI!!! Hindi nakasalalay sa ibang tao ang kinabukasan mo, Pinoy. Ito'y nasa iyong mga kamay.  Kaya nga ba ang pakiusap nila RJG at BF ay pag-isipan nang mabuti at pagnilayan nang lubos ang mga iboboto ngayong Mayo 10. Nasa isip at palad ng bawat mamamayang Pilipino ang kinabukasan ng bayang Pilipinas. Pumili nang wasto, bumoto nang nararapat.

Sa tambalang GORDON-BAYANI, makasisiguro tayong kasama nila tayo sa pag-angat muli ng bansang Pilipinas. Kasama tayo sa hirap, kaya't siguradong kabahagi tayo sa ginhawa. Di ba't ang pinakamasarap na tagumpay ay yaong higit mong pinaghirapan at pinagbuhusan ng lakas at panahon? Ito ang sa tingin ko'y higit nang nalilimutan nating mga Pilipino - ang bumakas sa responsibilidad na pagtibayin ang ating bansa. Sa mundong pinagagalaw na ngayon ng "instant" at "automatic", ang nais natin ay yung madaliang asenso at mabilisang kita. Di ba't yan ang dahilan kung bakit talamak ang kurapsyon sa pamahalaan at dayaan tuwing eleksyon?

Narito ang tambalang subok na ng panahon...tambalang sisiguro na lahat tayo ay magtatrabaho...gagawin ang sari-sarili nating mga obligasyon para sa kaunlaran ng bansa. Kaya sila ang aking napili...dahil may malasakit ako sa bayang ito, nais kong makibahagi sa muling pagbangon ng Pilipinas at makaranas ng isang Bagumbayan!

(Ang mga larawan ay hindi ko pag-aari at hiram lamang mula kina Roman Po at A.A. Almonte...maraming salamat po sa kanila)

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“The Gordon Effect” by Nicole Anne Olequino Revita

Volunteer Nicole Anne Olequino Revita shares her own campaign story.

I can’t simply tell myself, “I want a better country” and do nothing. So I told myself, “I want a better country and I will elect the right leader. No shame, no fear.”

My clock reads 5:18 am, I am officially home from postering in San Andres, Pasig Line, Divisoria and Tondo. It was quite strenuous; this is my first time to be up this late working my butt off for elections. While heading the underpass awhile ago feeling a little tension on my feet and simultaneously resisting the temptation to walk asleep, I asked myself, “Is my country worth this trouble?” I thought I might personally ask Pao. I am dead tired and I want an answer. So I said aloud, “Is our country worth this trouble?” Then he replied, “Our children deserve this.” I smiled.

Yes, that’s what I needed to hear…

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“The Day Words Spoke Louder than Actions” by Justin Posadas

Featuring a well-written post made by Justin Posadas on Facebook.


I’ve just read Patricia Evangelista’s article on Dick Gordon here, and this is what I have to say about that.

In that article, she did not fail to include that Dick Gordon “has an impressive resumé.” Well, it’s true, and I’m glad she said that. But it’s easy to use an all-encompassing phrase such as that to bag all of Sen. Gordon’s countless number of unselfish deeds done for our country, and then at a flick of a switch, nitpick on his character based on half-baked knowledge about him. By the way, I thank her for admitting that she “never met Gordon before the election season.” If what is in question is Dick Gordon’s character as a leader for this country, he has already proven it through his track record. In an imperfect world such as this, actions still speak louder than words….

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“Why Dick Gordon” by Markus Matters

Featuring an entry from Mark’s Markus Matters blog. Here are a few excepts from the article.

I didn’t specifically have anyone in mind when the campaign period started and most of all – I NEVER LISTENED TO THE SURVEYS.

What I did was to rely on my own judgment to select the best candidate based on the platforms and accomplishments of the candidates. I believe those two factors go together and are both important. I can’t believe even the most brilliant platform if the candidate didn’t perform his duties well in the past.

After serious consideration, I figured Dick Gordon deserves my vote.

Taken at Albay, this one shows a Presidential candidate not afraid to be among the masses and to explain his platform – even to entertain questions from anyone.

Read the full post here:

Also check out his article on what to look for a presidential candidate, fine points that we should all consider:

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May 3 - Official Manila Sortie

Message from the Gordon-Bayani HQ regarding today's motorcade. "Due to some changes of the flight schedule of Pres. Dick Gordon, our motorcade is moved to 1:30pm... we roll out at 2pm. Meeting place is at the Pioneer HQ. Pls advise all concerned volunteers. Thanx -Alfred [Gordon-Bayani HQ]

Everyone is invited to join the OFFICIAL MANILA SORTIE of Sen. Dick Gordon!!!
WHEN: May 3, Monday - "Gumising Ka Na" Motorcade to go around Metro Manila.
ASSEMBLY POINT: Pioneer HQ (Quad Alpha Bldg in front of Cityland Pioneer). ASSEMBLY TIME: 8:00AM
CONTACT: Alfred 0916-6970633

ALL MM BASED SUPPORTERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO COME.(Except those with other campaign activities)

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Bayani Fernando - Subok Na!

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“My Election Journey” by Promdi2010

Featuring an entry from Cathee C. Villarama-Roden’s Promdi2010 blog. Here are a few excepts from the article.

I had always been an admirer of Sen. Richard Gordon. Likewise, I had high respect and regard for MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando. Even though their names would crop up every now and then about possible run for the presidency, it wasn’t sure then that they actually would. And so while I was dealing with the Villar and Aquino chapters of my election journey, their names remained on park bay with me.

Listen to both Sen. Gordon and Chairman Fernando every time they have an opportunity to speak out to people…they both go to the specifics…even if some of those measures will mean hard work, discipline and sacrifice for the Filipino. Never did I hear them promise that that like superheroes, they would eradicate corruption and poverty…their battlecry has always been VOLUNTEERISM and A CHANGE IN MEN. What they’re offering the country and Filipinos is the opportunity to change philosophies and beliefs – “pagbabagong magmumula sa puso at diwa ng bawat Pilipino”.

Read the full post here: