“Philippine Elections 2010” by Maui Manalo

Maui, a licensed registered nurse and freelance makeup artist, has something to say about the 2010 Elections and her tandem of choice on her blog. Some excepts below:

Why am I pro GORDON- BAYANI?

I am voting for Gordon and Bayani because I want leaders who have results to show for. They both have done outstanding jobs in improving Subic and Marikina and I can just imagine what they can do to improve our country. They are both no nonsense politicians who are not afraid of losing votes because they actually do what needs to be done and says what needs to be said. IMO, what Sen. Gordon said is true "you dont need a (president) na mabait, you need a leader..a leader with integrity". I dont want to base my votes on who looks mabait or isnt corrupt, because they all claim to be that. How would I know if they actually are, so I looked at their platforms and records and true enough, Gordon-Bayani is the only vote I can easily defend.

Read the full post here: http://suushh.blogspot.com/2010/05/i-know-this-is-beauty-blog-but-excuse.html

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