“Why Dick Gordon” by Markus Matters

Featuring an entry from Mark’s Markus Matters blog. Here are a few excepts from the article.

I didn’t specifically have anyone in mind when the campaign period started and most of all – I NEVER LISTENED TO THE SURVEYS.

What I did was to rely on my own judgment to select the best candidate based on the platforms and accomplishments of the candidates. I believe those two factors go together and are both important. I can’t believe even the most brilliant platform if the candidate didn’t perform his duties well in the past.

After serious consideration, I figured Dick Gordon deserves my vote.

Taken at Albay, this one shows a Presidential candidate not afraid to be among the masses and to explain his platform – even to entertain questions from anyone.

Read the full post here: http://planetmarkus.info/why-dick-gordon/

Also check out his article on what to look for a presidential candidate, fine points that we should all consider: http://planetmarkus.info/my-presidential-bet/

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