May 3 - Official Manila Sortie

Message from the Gordon-Bayani HQ regarding today's motorcade. "Due to some changes of the flight schedule of Pres. Dick Gordon, our motorcade is moved to 1:30pm... we roll out at 2pm. Meeting place is at the Pioneer HQ. Pls advise all concerned volunteers. Thanx -Alfred [Gordon-Bayani HQ]

Everyone is invited to join the OFFICIAL MANILA SORTIE of Sen. Dick Gordon!!!
WHEN: May 3, Monday - "Gumising Ka Na" Motorcade to go around Metro Manila.
ASSEMBLY POINT: Pioneer HQ (Quad Alpha Bldg in front of Cityland Pioneer). ASSEMBLY TIME: 8:00AM
CONTACT: Alfred 0916-6970633

ALL MM BASED SUPPORTERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO COME.(Except those with other campaign activities)

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