Yes to Effective Leadership, Yes to Dick Gordon!

We only have 4 more days 'til Election Day. Have you made up your mind? There's no complicated formula - you only have to ask yourself. What do I expect my country to be in 6 years? What kind of future do I want to give my children and my parents when they become older? What kind of history do I want to be written this time?

If you'll ask me, it's clear to me what I really want. I want Gordon to be the next President. Why? Because I believe in change. I believe in Effective Leadership and I believe it's high time for every Filipino to embrace that change and start climbing that ladder to the top.

In my mind, back when I was still young, Gordon already had his history written and now that I'm an adult who has a greater understanding of things, I would want that history to continue because I know that the story haven't reached it's climax yet. There's more that he could offer if we give him a chance.

" yung anak mo papasok sa public school na
magaling ang teacher. the farmer will be protected. there will be no
brownouts. yung doctor mo magaling. pag nagkaproblema hahabulin ko yan
dahil maganda ang bayad ko dyan. the military will be proud. I will give
people options, choices. That's a preview of what I will do when I am
president." - Dick Gordon

That's what I want. That's my PRESIDENT!

With one goal, for the best Philippines, for the best future, let us all be for DICK GORDON.

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